We must know your address abroad if you have debt in DK

If you move away from Denmark to another country and you have a debt with public authorities of DKK 100 or more that has been transferred for collection, you need to inform the Danish Debt Collection Agency of your new address. You should inform us before you leave Denmark.

If you change addresses after you leave Denmark, please inform us of your new address within two weeks of moving. 
If you fail to inform us in time, you may receive a fine.

Please call and tell us your new foreign address

Call our foreign department with notification of your move and new address abroad.

The telephone number is +45 70 15 73 04

Our phone lines are open:

Monday from 9-17
Tuesday-Thursday from 9-16
Friday from 9-14

When you call us, you will be asked the following:

  • Your full name

  • Your CPR number (civil registration no.)

  • Your old address and the Danish municipality you are moving away from

  • Your new address outside Denmark and new country of residence

  • Removal date

Please be aware that you may not have a duty to inform us of your new address in certain cases. You do not have an obligation to inform us of your new address if:

  • Your debt is less than DKK 100

  • You have signed up for Digital Post and you are staying abroad less than six months

  • You have set up a payment plan with us, which you observe.


Please see our legal guide (in Danish) for further legal information.