Overview of your debt

You can see an overview of your debt in most of the letters you receive from us.

See the letters in your e-Boks or mailbox.

You can also call us on tel. +45 70 15 73 04, where we can help you get an overview of:

  • what debt you have that we are to collect
  • how much you owe

If you call us, you can also ask to be sent an overview of your debt.

The debt overview is a snapshot

Please note that a debt overview is a snapshot, one reason being that interest accrues on the debt on a daily basis. You may, for example, also have reduced the size of your debt since we sent the overview to you.

Try our debt calculator for guidance

See how long it may take to repay your full debt. Enter the size of the debt and a monthly debt service to see when your debt may be repaid in full.


  • Where can I see my total debt?

    You can see an overview of your debt in most letters you receive from the Danish Debt Collection Agency (Gældsstyrelsen) which have been sent to your e-Boks or mailbox.

    Please note that interest accrues on your debt on a daily basis. You can read more about this at the Interest page.

  • How do I pay my debt?

    Call tel. +45 70 15 73 04 to obtain the necessary payment details.

    You can pay the full amount at once or in instalments. You can also apply for an instalment payment plan, calculated based on your financial situation. The Debt Collection Agency decides whether you are eligible for an instalment payment plan.

    Read more at the How to pay your debt page.

  • How much interest do I need to pay?

    The interest rate is set every six months.

    See what the interest rate is right now and learn more at the Interest page.

  • Do I have to pay my debt even if it is old?

    Yes, probably.

    Debt for collection does not become barred by limitation. This means that when your debt is passed on to us for collection, it will not become barred by limitation because we are actively doing something to collect it.

    Your debt with us can only become barred by limitation if it turns out that this was already the case when it was passed on to us for collection.

  • What do I do if I have payment difficulties?

    If you have problems paying your debt, you may

    • get a calculation of what you can pay at a time
    • get an assessment of whether you are eligible for an instalment payment plan
    • have a payment deadline postponed
    • be granted full or partial cancellation of your debt.

    Read more about your options at the If you can´t pay your debt page.

  • For whom do you collect debt?

    We collect debt for public authorities in Denmark such as unemployment insurance funds, Danmarks Radio (Danish Broadcasting Corporation), municipalities, the Danish Customs and Tax Administration (Skatteforvaltningen) and the police.

    See the list (in danish) at the See for whom we collect debt page.

    We also collaborate with foreign authorities to collect debt across borders.

    Read more under the International section.

Possible errors in old debt

You should be aware that the overview of your debt may show debt that has not been correctly calculated or that has become barred by limitation. This is due to errors in the EFI debt collection system in the 2013-2015 period.

We regularly review all debt and contact you if we find any errors. If you have questions about your overview, give us a call.

Get more information on the page In case of debt collection errors.


You can read more about the rules in section G.A. Inddrivelse (Debt collection) of our Danish-language legal guide, which you can find at www.skat.dk/juridiskvejledning.