If you can´t pay your debt

You can apply for

  • A change of your instalment amount

    Do you think that you are paying more than you can afford?

    Are you in doubt about whether we know all your income and expenses? This may be of importance to the instalment amount you must pay on your debt. If you send us your household budget, we will make a new calculation.

    Read more at the page: Get a calculation of how much you can pay

    Has your income or deductions changed?

    Call us if your salary or wage has decreased or you have a different deduction per month. We will then correct the amount that you must pay on your debt.

    Call us on +45 70 15 73 04

  • Postponement of the due date for payment

    If there is a period in which you are unable to pay instalments on your debt, for example because you have lost your job, you can contact us. We will then assess whether you can have the payment of your debt deferred.

    Call us on +45 70 15 73 04

  • Cancellation or reduction of debt

    You can apply for cancellation of your debt. This means that if you cannot pay your debt, you can apply to have it cancelled or to have the amount reduced.

    Read more about the situations in which you can have your debt reduced or cancelled at the page: You may apply for cancellation

Write-off of debt