How to pay your debt

If you want to pay your debt in full or in part, please call us on +45 70 15 73 04.

We will then provide you with the information you need to pay your debt.

You can make a voluntary payment, during which you pay into your debt once or in installments. Here you pay based on what you want. Please note that we can collect your debt through, for example, withholding of wages at the same time as you make voluntary payments.

You can also ask us to assess whether you can get an installment payment plan, where you typically pay an amount each month. In an installment payment plan, you will have the installments determined based on your financial situation.

Read more on the pages Voluntary Payment and Installment payment plan.

When you call us, you can also get an up-to-date overview of your debt.

Try our debt calculator for guidance

See how long it may take to repay your full debt. Enter the size of the debt and a monthly debt service to see when your debt may be repaid in full.

Frequently asked questions about payment

  • Do I have to pay interest and can I obtain a deduction?

    Find more information on the page Interest.

  • How do I pay if I live abroad?

    You can pay from abroad via bank transfer to:

    • BIC/Swift code: DABADKKK
    • IBAN: DK6102164069170749
    • Bank: Danske Bank, Statens Betalinger, Girostroeget 1, 0800 Hoeje Taastrup, DK
    • Account holder: CVR: 19552101, The Tax Administration, the National Debt Collection Agency, Braendgaardvej 10, 7400 Herning, DK


    Remember to state the payee (Civil registration (CPR) number/CVR number) and the debt item that the payment concerns.

  • What do I do if I disagree with the existence or size of the debt?

    If you disagree that you owe the debt, for example because you have already paid your debt in full or in part, or have other comments about the existence or size of your debt, you can call us on +45 70 15 73 04.

    If you want to write to us, see how on our contact page.

    If you have already paid your debt, please attach documentation showing that payment has been made, for example in the form of a printout from your bank.

  • How do I make a voluntary payment?

    If you want to make a voluntary payment, you can find more information on the page Voluntary payment.


You can read more about the rules in our Danish-language legal guide, section G.A.Inddrivelse (Debt collection), which you will find at