Paying your debt

Please call us on (+45) 70 15 73 04 if you want to pay your business debt. We can provide they payment information directly over the phone or by letter in your digital mailbox.

Payment from outside Denmark

You can pay from abroad by bank transfer using the following information:

  • IBAN no.: DK6102164069170749.

Please remember to state who the payer is (CPR no. or CVR no.) and which claim the payment concerns.

Which debt will be paid first?

When you repay your debt, the individual components will be repaid in a particular order:

  1. Fines
  2. Private law maintenance payments
  3. Maintenance paid in advance
  4. Other debt in the order in which it was submitted for collection, starting with the oldest debt. Interest is repaid before the principal.

If you disagree

If you disagree with the size or existence of the debt transferred for collection, you should contact the authority to which you owe the money. If you send your objections to the Debt Collection Agency, we will transfer them to the authority believing to have a claim against you.


Please see our legal guide (in Danish) for further legal information.